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Contribution of Amateur in Music

Contribution of Amateur in Music

Amateur Contributions for Life

Amateur culture has critical role in progress of human being. The stagnation brings along becoming rot. Amateur culture paves the way for intellectual improvement. This article discuss about the contribution of amateur with reference to music. However, all arguments are valid for the rest of life. Amateur contribution to music of life by creating a culture.

Innovative Amateur Music

At first, those who play music in amateur way may not be concerned about making a living and selling themselves to large masses in the market. This can enable the person to set a direction freely, to try different styles and innovations, and to maintain them.

In the absence of the above concerns, more creative works and styles may emerge. However, on the contrary, the devotion to the preservation of a certain tradition can also find its place in the amateur frame. It includes both innovative and conservative benefits.

Amateur culture enable to withstand the power of popular culture that converge and homologize things.

Moreover, amateur pursuits may even increase our creativity and efficiency in our professions. David Epstein noted that most Nobel laureates have enjoyed amateur pursuits such as music, dance, visual art or creative writing.[1]

Amateur as an Audience

Since it requires less time and effort compared to the professional level, more people can engage in music as an amateur. The increase in those interested in music can mediate the spread of music to a wider audience.

Many people/children who witness an amateur performance can get inspired with music and develop themselves on it, even, to professional level.

Especially in the audience of classical music, amateurs have a great place. Because the complexity of this music, compared to its popular examples, requires closer interest and knowledge.

As Louis Kahn states, classical music cannot be played by whistle.

The importance of the audience has always been discussed in music and other performing arts. President Demirel had emphasized the importance of audience, saying, “it is very difficult to train artists, but even more difficult is to raise the audience” at the opening of the Antalya Cultural Center in 1996.[2]

Keep in mind that performing arts make sense only with audience.

Amateur contribution to music of life by creating a culture.

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