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Amateur Contribution for Music II

Amateur Contribution for Music II

Music al Contribution by Amateur

As we mentioned first part, amateur culture has important role for intellectual improvement. In this second part of amateur contribution for music, we will discuss about some other arguments on musical life. However, all of them can be applied on the different fields, too.

Amateur in Relations and Social Terms

Primarily, amateur music activity, which is mostly performed in the environment of family and friends, can enable the person to come together with their relatives more often. And to make these relationships more enjoyable. Also, people’s relationships with their surroundings become more intimate. And their social ties become stronger.

As Jacques Attali has repeatedly stated, music is a shared pleasure. It can rehabilitate the family in particular and the society in general.

For example, Palestinian Mohammed and Fadi, living at the refugee camp, make music and shoot videos. With the financial support of the Reconciliation Tolerance and Peace Fund. Furthermore, the music they composed and performed is a therapy for both young people, not a temporary cure that distracts them from the reality they live in, but rather a way of expressing their anger and relieving their pain by depicting their world. [1]

In another striking example, Kigali Music School official Aimable Nsabayesu states that some of the genocide prisoners in Rwanda confessed to the authorities what they did. Then, they asked for forgiveness as a result of making music together then this become a critical part of the reconciliation process. [2]

For centuries, in the geography of Turkey  ​​Ottoman / Turkish Classical Music based on ‘Meşk’ system sustain basic moral and aesthetic values, by acting as a social mortar. [3]

Vision and Complementary Role of Amateur Culture

Not only for music, but also for all fields, the contribution of amateurs is consistently great.

Responsibility of no field, including music, can be burden entirely on professionals.

Protecting the past heritage, the production and presentation required by necessities of the time, creating a forward-looking vision, conducting educational activities exceeds the means and capabilities of professionals in every branch. The complementary role of amateur culture is essential. Just as a doctor composes a musical piece, a musician can participate in sports competitions. And a financial advisor can write poems. Every field of occupation needs amateur support and thus gets forward.

The versatile perspective gained by amateur individuals can provide them a better understanding of the world and of their own profession. Moreover, people can empathize, the interpersonal cooperation increases and the functioning of society improves in a way that decreases crime rates.

Finally, we end this article, about the benefits of amateur culture, with Cinuçen Tanrıkorur’s reproach:

“No matter how much official policies and institutions view music as an entertainment or appetizer, amateurs and institutions whose only job is not music (municipalities, banks) do such things with the cultural roots and consciousness in their hearts. They overthrow all the betrayals of official politics like playing cards in one blow. ” [4]

Cİnuçen Tanrıkorur

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