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Democracy and Amateur Culture

Democracy and Amateur Culture

Amateur Cultural Democracy: Politicians and Citizens of Democracies

Amateur culture can shape our life, as we will not guess. Democracy has the highest legitimacy today despite of its flexibility and uncertainty. Citizens and politicians run democratic organizations such as states or international bodies. Instead of professionalism, amateur culture provide us a broad and inclusive understanding to achieve mental and physical welfare. What’s the relation of L. F. Celine, democracy and amateur culture ?


Fundamentally, any democratic organization allow citizens for throwing the rascals out in practice. Democracy as a human organization need, in addition to institutional and legal framework, democratic citizens that interiorize and admire the criteria and the values. However, the process must be progressed by slow and peaceful manner with support of the experiences.

Numerous examples show that exportation and founding fathers’ initiatives result with a failure. Up down and bottom-up waves, deliver and demand, in society need to come across.

Amateur Culture and Citizens

Democratic citizens interested in current politics in addition to their daily life and jobs. They engage with political debates, related law procedures, and historical perspective and so have the ability and desire to develop their own judgement on current issues with own reasons, not completely depend on political actors. Citizens must be aware of their responsibility to the country and our unique planet. While earning their keeps, politics should not be ignored and not left to mercy of politicians. Voters should follow political debates delicately to have their own mind.

Even their profession is so busy and irrelevant with political issues, with an amateur spirit they should have a grasp of their government for the sake of future generations.

Amateur Politicians and Politics

Do you know anything purely political not including sociology, economics, education, or aesthetics? Probably No. Solo politics is meaningless; it is an assistant field to comprehend and shape the life.

In terms of politicians, politics should be an amateur pursuit at heart.

Politicians seek to the power of government by claiming that most correctly and fairly they will manage the sources of the region. They make various promises and make plans to solve current problems and to enhance the welfare of the people. In a sense, they should have another profession or pursuit to experience the deficiencies, to observe the society and to get the competence for finding solutions.

The bottle is needed to fill up before overflowing.

Aspiring politicians need to acquire a profession at first and then with the help of their life experience, they should go into politics as a labor of love. Therefore, they work for the public weal with amateur spirit. Only studying academic degrees about theories of politics, having dreams and being articulate do not suffice to become a successful politician.

Rather than just professional certificates and diplomas, it requires experiencing the conditions and serving sincerely like an amateur spirit.

            Finally, amateur culture avails to politicians and citizens, as political animals. (Kind regards to Aristotle) Amateur cultural perspective provides us more serious inclination at planetary or local issues by increasing our situational awareness. Thus, it helps us to become responsive habitants.

Amateur culture support Democracy. Amateur citizens and politicians can realize democratic ideal and welfare. Amateur culture
Louis Ferdinand Celine – Democracy – Amateur Culture

Or leave all aside and give an ear to Louis Ferdinand Celine:

I have never voted in my life. I have always known and understood that the idiots are in a majority so it is certain they will win.

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