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About Amateur Cultural

About Amateur Cultural

Participation to Inspiration-al Life in Amateur Culture

We detect some deficiencies in human life and assert that Amateur Culture, as we define in the study, will contribute and improve our life quality. For Amateur culture, life find meaning with inspiration and participation.

With the determination that the concepts of amateur and culture has been neglected in terms of theory and practice, this study intends to support the enrichment of the literature on amateur culture. Not only the related literature but also human, society and art will be contributed.

This is a never theoratical and abstract study like running on a treadmill without any true progress.

Our Amateur Purpose

Creating a new and unique concept/understanding with the arguments in the website.

  • We have decided to organize the study in context of web to reach more people, like you. 🙂 For advancement, needs your valuable comments, opinions or any kind of help.

Let’s have your finger in the pie.

  • Highlighting the complementary role of amateur culture in our life.
  • Creating intellectual and theoretical ground for the concept.
  • Leading for positive changes as an ambitious target by taking steps at relevant institutions and organizations.
  • To set up a network consists of who have promotive emotions and thoughts.

Sharing inspiration for active participation in culture.

For our understanding, comment the current life with an amateur attitude.

Why Amateur Culture ? Inspiration?

Unfortunately, there were such people who had started to study any faculty at his/her 17 and had continued undergraduate, master and Ph.D. degree in exactly same department. Then, s/he had gotten the title of professor and retired even by not leaving from the same institution. It was shocking. What a life for both mental and physical terms.

To spare the whole life, tens of years by focusing only one field and in the same building with same people. 🙁

The monotony is so boring even while typing.
  • These negative instances, we witnessed or heard, inspire us to create an Amateur Culture. While the concept will break the monotony, Amateur Culture also ensure our progress as human being.
  • Amateur and culture are indispensable part of the study by complementing each other. In addition to this, arts will have an important place to clothe the concept while studying on ‘amateur culture’. Because they are laborious and not put the feed bag on from now to tomorrow. Culture and Art is not treated by its deserved significance.

Universally, institutionally and individually, Culture and Art request multi-perspective approach and investment.

If you are confused about what it is. => What is Amateur ? What is Amateur Culture ?