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Amateur Manifest

Amateur Manifest

By Love and Learning, Amateur Culture Manifest

We have a breakthrough, namely, amateur culture. Thus, an amateur manifest will be useful to deliver our message. Amateur culture manifest get in touch with love, learning and inspiration. Furthermore, it is a dynamic manifest which will thrive with your comments.

There is an amateur culture.

Life is so long to work for one profession and human is very sophisticated to waste the time for only one occupation.

Not conservative master of one profession but the jack-of-all-trades by being the perpetual beginner.

Learning for learning’s sake instead of vegging out on oursofa.

Reject negative connotations of Amateur.

Complementary role by participating in the culture rather than being passive consumer.

Amateur means ‘lover’ from Latin roots and love will keep us together.

Amateur is social, band together kith and kin.

Against professionalism but not amateurism. Not stand for endpoints of the spectrum.

Not an anti-thesis of anything, Amateur Culture is a thesis itself.

Amateur needs to adopt a philosophy to prove her/himself to the planet.

Live in amateur way; assume an amateur attitude.

Set sail for uncertainty of the beginner.

Wear the “amateur” label with pride.

No retirement in Amateur Culture.

Inspiration increases when shared.

Raise our hand to be found by amateur spirits.

Who cannot confine with one profession, Let’s join the party. (not politically 🙂 )

Triangle of Love, Learning and Life in Amateur Culture Manifest…

5 Ws and 1 H Questions on Amateur Culture

Who is ?


What is ?

Lifestyle and view or maybe a motto.

When ?

From Now on.

Where ?


Why ?

Life is too short to be stuck in only one profession.

How ?

By following the voice of your conscience.

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