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Amateur Culture as Music Lover

Amateur culture explain by music as music lover. Beyond a profession, music lover inspire with amateur love. Music pursuit creates amateur.

Amateur Manifest

There is an amateur culture.
Life is so long to work for one profession and human is very sophisticated to waste the time for only one occupation.
Not an anti-thesis of anything, Amateur Culture is a thesis itself.
Raise our hand to be found by amateur spirits.

Culture and Amateur Culture

While we talk about amateur culture, the concept needs a comprehensive explanation. Because it is new to the game. It easily relates with inspiration, love, lifelong learning, social life and cultural participation. However, we starts with dictionary definitions then will discuss about its relation with above concept and more. Amateur is not a profession that requires specific working hours and has certain borders. It is an understanding that we embrace for all dimensions of life, even crooning at the shower or voting. Amateur starts with mind-set. Thus, while encouraging the amateur, culture present a proper ground.


Amateur culture whose trivets are amateur and culture. The amateur as an indispensable complement for the professional. It thrives in freedom